Alternative Perspective for The Space

by Jassir Kuronen

Noise pollution is one of the most notable side effects caused by the environmental crisis. To help answer our ever-growing consumption, we have built more motorways and means of transportation to help get different resources into use. While doing so, we have also caused significant problems to the wildlife by disturbing their habitats with our noise.

Whenever we are in public, many of us try to close the sounds of the surrounding world with our music. It usually helps to deal with the constant noises that we come across, and therefore make our experiences in the city area much more tolerable.

In this work, I wanted to illustrate my experiences in loud public spaces such as malls. The idea for the audio is to walk through the listener to the evolution, where background noise becomes part of your own space. Audio is part of field recordings and original arrangement. Photos provide context to the source of background noise.